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Our Executive Board


Emily Li

Executive Director,


Irvine, CA, USA

Emily Li is a senior at Northwood High School from Orange County, California with a mission to innovate through engaging in scientific research. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, singing, and building random things ranging from downsized claw machines to a loft for her younger siblings. She is passionate about learning through the process of overcoming challenges and hopes to spread her love for problem-solving to others through ARQuest Student Science and Engineering Research Network. Her research interests are Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Biotechnology.


Srushti Nerkar


West Windsor, NJ, USA

Srushti Nerkar is a senior at WWP High School South in West Windsor, New Jersey. She is interested in creative design and doing research in biology/bioinformatics. In her free time, Srushti loves to go on walks, do any type of art (especially macrame) and binge watch all the Star Wars movies. Her dream job is to become an interventional radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and work with both science and technology.


Branden Sattler

Head of Blog Department

East Meadow, NY, USA

Branden Sattler is a senior at East Meadow High School on Long Island, NY. His research interests are Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.  Branden also loves to draw and play tennis.  His research interests are connecting these personal interests and his main academic interest, psychology, and seeing how these personal activities affect someone’s well-being.

Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 5.43_edited.jpg

Abhinav Kotapati

Blog Department Manager

Robbinsville, NJ, USA

Abhinav Kotapati is a junior at Robbinsville High School located in Robbinsville, NJ. He loves research and strives to better the scientific community working with like-minded individuals. He enjoys gardening, playing the piano, tennis, and volunteering at non-profits like the American Red Cross and the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Furthermore, Abhinav's research interests include anatomy, physiology, biology, and physics, and some day he hopes to achieve a career in the medical field on the research side and positively impact society with STEM based projects.


Arjun Singh

Head of Research Department

Warren, NJ, USA

Arjun is a senior at WHRHS in Warren, NJ. He is fascinated with the intersection of computer science and biology, and strives to create efficient computational tools to solve previously heuristic biological problems. Arjun also loves playing tennis, watching movies, and eating ramen noodles.


Zoya Farooqui

Head of Technology Department

McKinney, TX, USA

Zoya Farooqui is a senior at Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas. She loves programming and robotics, and she has experience in website development and graphic design. Aside from designing the cover for a book, she is currently illustrating a children's book as well. Some of her other hobbies are art, fashion, and podcasting. Moreover, she loves to play video games, especially Overwatch, and go biking. She is so excited to contribute and learn from this team. Her research interests include computer science, technology, and physics.


Divyansh Agrawal

Research Department Manager

Noida, UP, India

Divyansh is a senior at Amity International School, Noida, India. He is a ambitious and a driven STEM enthusiast with an entrepreneurial bent of mind. He holds a passion for impact driven with a spirit of innovation. His research interests majorly comprises of topics related to mechanical and electrical engineering. He also holds a keen interest in starting social initiatives for the betterment of the society and watching soccer.

Alumni Team

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