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If you are a motivated high schooler interested in science or research and want to interact with other like-minded students, this is the right place for you! No prior experience is required and you can apply to be a researcher, blogger, or even just a member of our community. Check out the information below!


The Research Department is a unique community that gathers and matches members from all over the world with similar research interests to help members find peers who are not only like-minded, but can also be a source of support on when challenges come. 


We provide structured Research Internships where groups will research a specific topic. During the course of the internship, researchers will learn to:

  • Analyze previous works of research regarding the topic

  • Develop an approach and/or experiment to solve or answer the research question

  • Implement that approach or conduct the experiment

  • Present the final results in a research paper, video, and more.

  • Enter in competitions and publish in scientific journals

Interns will receive the necessary guidance from experienced research department leaders as well as a detailed timeline to follow throughout the research internship.

Please refer to the full information with link below!

Applications Currently Closed

Applications Deadline: TBD

Slack Community

Join our ARQuest Slack community to connect with peers, stay tuned for opportunity updates and announcements!


The Blogging Department gathers motivated high school students who are passionate about recent breakthroughs in science and technology, their own research findings... The ideas are endless! 

Members can become either become a regular blogger or a visiting blogger with different commitment levels (more details regarding responsibilities are included specified in the application form). The choice of topic is up to you!


  • Offer 7 volunteer hours per session (3 weeks long)

  • Provide specific procedures that will aid you when you write your blog

  • Host regular department meetings

  • Offer leadership positions

Apply for the upcoming blog session!


View resources page to learn about

  • Process of research

  • Problem-solving

  • Important technical skills

that you might need for your internship! 

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