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Members' Roles

Not sure which role is just right for you? Here is a brief summary of each one. You can pick either or even both!

If you choose to become a researcher, you will choose your topic of interest and apply to be put in a small group (3-4 people) with students that have similar interests for an internship. Together, you will find a problem to solve or a subject matter to research on and present your work in a published paper, a competition, etc. If you're inexperienced, no worries! We provide instructions on getting started and our research heads will guide you along the process.


If you choose to join as a blogger, you can decide between a regular blogger (3 blogs in total within 3 sessions) or a visiting blogger (1 blog and only 1 session). No matter which one you choose, you can always sign up again. As a blogger, you will look deeper into a scientific subject and write about a specific topic. Don't worry if you are not experiences. We provide outlines and step-by-step instructions for everyone to get started!

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