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Annie Wang

Co-Founder, Former

Co-Executive Director

Irvine, CA, USA

Annie Wang was a student at Irvine High School who is passionate about exploring the intersection of math, computer science, and economics. She has experience in mathematical research, machine learning, and app development. In her free time, she enjoys playing music, making art, and spending time with her family. Through ARQuest SSERN, she hopes to inspire the young generation of students to focus on the applications of STEM to real-world problems through research and communicate STEM for a wider audience to understand through blogs.

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Isabel Zhang

Former Blog Department Manager

Chicago, IL, USA

Isabel graduated from Walter Payton College Prep and is attending Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. She is majoring in biomedical engineering, and hopes to further the field through research. In her free time, she loves to bake, sketch, and take walks.

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