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ARQuest SSERN is a community of high school students who are passionate about different fields of science, allowing them to explore those areas with research and blogging opportunities.

Founding History

It is initiated by high schoolers who at first struggled to find other like-minded students in their local communities and are interested in inspiring and learning from them.


Our mission is to help students:

  1. Find like-minded others from all around the world 

  2. Apply the knowledge they learn through engaging in research, to take initiative in solving real world problems, to innovate, to inspire!

What We Do

Our network features regular blog posts on STEM applications by passionate students as well as student research groups on various scientific topics of their choice. 



Having the opportunity to engage in research allows students to focus on application over memorization, and gain the ability to communicate science in a way for the general public to understand. The research experience will teach students how to think, not purely facts. 



We are a group of high school students from around the world bonded by a common passion for research and application! 

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